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Kinetic Behaviour of Free Lipase and Mica-Based Immobilized Lipase Catalyzing the Synthesis of Sugar Esters
Uswatun Hasanah ZAIDANMohd Basyaruddin ABDUL RAHMANSiti Salhah OTHMANMahiran BASRIEmilia ABDULMALEKRaja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. RAHMANAbu Bakar SALLEH
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2011 Volume 75 Issue 8 Pages 1446-1450


The utilization of natural mica as a biocatalyst support in kinetic investigations is first described in this study. The formation of lactose caprate from lactose sugar and capric acid, using free lipase (free-CRL) and lipase immobilized on nanoporous mica (NER-CRL) as a biocatalyst, was evaluated through a kinetic study. The apparent kinetic parameters, Km and Vmax, were determined by means of the Michaelis-Menten kinetic model. The Ping-Pong Bi-Bi mechanism with single substrate inhibition was adopted as it best explains the experimental findings. The kinetic results show lower Km values with NER-CRL than with free-CRL, indicating the higher affinity of NER-CRL towards both substrates at the maximum reaction velocity (Vmax,app>Vmax). The kinetic parameters deduced from this model were used to simulate reaction rate data which were in close agreement with the experimental values.

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