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Effects of Essence of Chicken on Cognitive Brain Function: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Chizuru KONAGAIHiroshi WATANABEKeiichi ABENobuo TSURUOKAYoshihiko KOGA
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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of the essence of chicken on brain function by near-infrared spectroscopy. Twelve healthy elderly subjects took the essence of chicken or a placebo for 7 d in a double-blind cross-over design study. Changes in oxy-hemoglobin concentrations in the bilateral prefrontal areas of the brain were measured while the subjects performed the simple reaction task, the Groton Maze Learning Test, and the working memory task. In the latter case, there were significant interactions in the changes in oxy-hemoglobin concentrations between treatment and period of intake according to two-way repeated ANOVA. The changes in oxy-hemoglobin concentrations significantly increased in several regions of the prefrontal areas of the brain in those taking essence of chicken for 7 d. These results suggest that essence of chicken is useful as a nutritional supplement to enhance or maintain brain function in the elderly.

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