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Agricultural and Biological Chemistry
Vol. 38 (1974) No. 1 P 189-194



Corynebacterium glutamicum mutants carrying both auxotrophy and histidine analogresistance were derived by a mutagenic treatment, and their histidine productivity was compared with that of a triazolealanine (TRA)-resistant histidine producer, C. glutamicum KY-10260. As a result, a leucine auxotrophic TRA-resistant mutant, Rα-88 was selected out of 164 auxotrophic derivatives of KY-10260. It produced histidine at a distinctly higher concentration than the parent strain under every condition tested. The concentration reached 11mg/ml or 5.8% (w/w) of the initial sugar. Addition of an excessive amount of leucine to the medium inhibited the histidine production together with the by-production of valine by this mutant. Thiazolealanine-resistant mutants derived from a tyrosine auxotroph, a phenylalanine auxotroph and a tryptophan auxotroph gave the same or lower production in comparison with KY-10260.

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