Bulletin of Glaciological Research
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田中 基樹鈴木 啓助
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 28 巻 p. 17-26


Spatial variability of the chemical constituents of winter precipitation on the eastern-western slopes of Mt. Norikura (alt. 3025m) of Japan Northern Alps was examined to clarify the transport process of aerosol that flows over the mountain barrier. The concentrations of chemical constituents in the snow recorded at the upper part of the mountain (above alt. 2420m) make a little difference. However, at the lower part of the mountain (below alt. 2420m), Cl- concentration in the snow on the eastern slope was lower than that on the western slope; non-sea-salt SO42- (nssSO42-), NO3-, nssCa2+, nssMg2+ and NH4+ concentrations on the eastern slope was higher than that on the western slope. The prevailing westerlies raged at the western and alpine parts of the mountain. On the eastern part of the mountain, the easterlies were predominant. We infer that the snow below an altitude of 2420m, in comparison to the other parts of mountain, is under relatively greater influence of the local emission of the chemical constituents.

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