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Ha Model of Multi-Ethnic-Culture in a City without Majority
Yasumasa Kuroda
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2009 Volume 36 Issue 2 Pages 181-203


The study represents an effort to develop a model of multi-ethnic-culture in Honolulu, a city without an ethnic majority based upon sample surveys of voters in urban sectors of the Island of Oahu in 1988 and 2000. I propose this Ha model of a city where the first African American US President was born and reared. After reporting on a comparative analysis based on Quantification III of Honolulu residents with that of Americans at large, I conclude that the model calls for people to be modest in insisting on their own points of view, taking other ethnic cultures and environment including religious beliefs into consideration in any social interaction and in being relativistic rather than absolutist. That in return may require one to be in harmony or lokahi and being inclusive or ho‘opili pu, as indigenous Kanaka Maoli would put it. It is a viable model for the community of Honolulu's multi-ethnic composition and dynamics if it is to exist peacefully.

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