Bioscience and Microflora
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Present and Future of Probiotics in Germany and in Central Europe
Gerhard REUTER
ジャーナル フリー

1997 年 16 巻 2 号 p. 43-51


The present situation in Europe can be characterized by a very diversified and expanding market for probiotics. Several species offer themselves for use as probiotics depending on stability requirements, such as well known lactobacilli, enterococci, and spore forming strains. In recent time, efforts can be recognized to introduce L. reuteri for application in animal nutrition and in dairy products. Effects of probiotics in man and animals must be demonstrated very convincingly in the field of animal husbandry, not so rigorously at the pharmaceutical sector and only facultatively in the field of food applications, due to requirements in German and EC legislated regulations. Safety aspects will be regulated especially in the field of animal nutrition by a very restrictive guideline from the Brussels authorities, in the field of pharmaceuticals by the national registration bodies and in the food area by the responsibility of the producers and the distributors based on food legislation regulations. If probiotic cultures will be used in food in Germany it is forbidden to propagate special health aspects with the probiotic ingredient of the product. That is not so strictly the case in the neighbouring countries. There is a controversary discussion going on in Germany if health claims or the term “good for health” contains advertisement like for a pharmaceutical specimen. The propagation which might be accepted up to now seems to be “wellness of the human being”.