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Population dynamics of chilli thrips and mite in relation to weather parameters
M. H. RahmanM. M. HossainK. M. KhalequzzamanS. HoshainA. S. Tareq
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2022 年 45 巻 p. 41-47


The field experiment was conducted at Spices Research Centre, BARI, Shibganj, Bogura, Bangladesh (geographic coordinates 25.0167° N, 89.3167° E) during Rabi season of 2019-2020 to study the population dynamics of chilli thrips and mite in relation to weather parameters. The infestation of thrips and mite started from 1st week after sowing i.e. last week of August (35th standard week) and remained in the crop field till to the crop maturity (4th week of April) in the range of 0.54 to 7.40 thrips/leaf and 0.17 to 6.55 mite/leaf respectively. Thrips and mite attained first (5.60 thrips/leaf and 4.34 mite/leaf), second (5.04 thrips/leaf and 4.13 mite/leaf) and third as well as the highest peak (7.40 thrips/leaf and 6.55 mite/leaf) during 3rd week of November, 1st week of December and 3rd week of April, respectively. Thrips and mite population are positively correlated with average temperature whereas negatively correlated with relative humidity and average rainfall.

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