Bulletin of the Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kyushu University
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Characterization of fungi degrading polysilica iron flocculant paper sludge
M. MatsumotoM. Zaw
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2022 年 45 巻 p. 49-55


Previously, papermaking wastewater is also conventionally treated using aluminum-based coagulant, whereas, recent papermaking sludge is condensed using polysilica iron coagulant. By using polysilica iron flocculant (PSI), it have succeeded in creating an aluminum-free paper sludge. Furthermore, PSI paper sludge has opened up the prospect of technological development that will enable recycling without resorting to incineration, whereas conventional paper sludge treatment has relied on incineration.

Therefore, it searched for highly effective fungi for low-temperature fermentation of PSI papermaking sludge (PSI sludge) and clarified their taxonomic position. Furthermore, it clarified the characteristics of the isolates that are highly effective for low-temperature fermentation of PSI sludge by conducting culture tests on the obtained isolates and investigating the substances produced by the isolates.

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