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Dynamic Variation of Responsive Metal-Organic Frameworks toward Specific Stimuli
Hoi Ri MoonHong Kyu LeeJunsu HaJihyun Park
ジャーナル フリー

2022 年 79 巻 p. 50-57


The studies on dynamic changes in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) induced by various external stimuli have attracted great attention in various fields and have been continuously investigated since the appearance of MOFs, porous crystalline materials. Many interesting phenomena occurred in frameworks, for example, breathing, swelling, linker rotation and subnetwork displacement, as well as solid-state transformation accompanying with bond formation/deformation are observed and investigated through advanced techniques. In this account, we will summarize our efforts to expand the related research field, focusing on the dynamic changes induced by specific stimuli, including guest molecules (gas, solvent, and other organic molecules) and UV irradiation, as well as an elucidation for interesting applications achieved the responsive MOFs.

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