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Vol.37 (2023 Conference on Environmental Information Science)
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Geographical Difference in Elderly Mortality Risk from Heatstroke and Ischemic Heart Disease with Persistence of High Temperature Experience
Yukitaka OHASHITomohiko IHARAYuya TAKANE
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Pages 27-32


The risk of elderly death from summer heatstroke and ischemic heart disease in Tokyo 23 wards was analyzed by coastal and inland regions, considering the persistence of high temperature experience. Experiencing 37°C at the high daily maximum temperature increased the risk of heatstroke by up to 3 days in coastal regions and up to 6 days in inlands. The risk of death was higher in coastal regions than in inlands under high daytime temperatures, while the risk was conversely higher in inlands under high nighttime temperatures of 28°C. Prolonged ischemic heart disease was seen for 12?13 days longer than heatstroke in coastal areas, and the risk of death was also higher in coastal region than inlands. The mobility of elderly population into coastal regions with a higher concentration of business and commercial districts decreased on days with higher daytime temperatures, which was confirmed as a large-scale behavior change.

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