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Centrosomal and Non-centrosomal Functions Emerged through Eliminating Centrosomes
Yutaka TakedaKanako KurokiTakumi ChinenDaiju Kitagawa
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2020 Volume 45 Issue 1 Pages 57-64


Centrosomes are highly conserved organelles that act as the major microtubule-organizing center (MTOC) in animal somatic cells. Through their MTOC activity, centrosomes play various roles throughout the cell cycle, such as supporting cell migration in interphase and spindle organization and positioning in mitosis. Various approaches for removing centrosomes from somatic cells have been developed and applied over the past few decades to understand the precise roles of centrosomes. Centrinone, a reversible and selective PLK4 (polo-like kinase 4) inhibitor, has recently emerged as an efficient approach to eliminate centrosomes. In this review, we describe the latest findings on centrosome function that have been revealed using various centrosome-eliminating approaches. In addition, we discuss our recent findings on the mechanism of centrosome-independent spindle bipolarization, discovered through the use of centrinone.

Key words: centrosome, centrinone, mitotic spindle, bipolarity, NuMA

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