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Uneven-distribution of short interspersed repetitive sequence, PRE-1, on swine chromosomes.
Hiroshi YasueHideaki TakahashiTakashi AwataPaul C. Popescu
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1991 Volume 16 Issue 6 Pages 475-479


We investigated the distribution of PRE-1 sequences (a swine major SINE) on the swine chromosomes. The investigation demonstrated that PRE-1 sequences are unevenly distributed along the chromosomes as in the case of the human and mouse SINES. The distribution pattern, however, has no simple correlation with Q-band pattern as that of human and mouse SINES. The prominent difference is as follows; PRE-1 is localized on centromeric regions, but human and mouse SINES are not [KORENBERG and RYKOWSKI (1988). Cell, 53: 391-400; BOYLE, BALLARD, and WARD(1990). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 87: 7751-7761].

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