Online ISSN : 1348-7019
Print ISSN : 0011-4545
Confirmation of Species Status of Corchorus trilocularis and C. pseudo-olitorius by Differential Chromosome Banding and Isozyme Assay
Masuda KhatunSheikh Shamimul Alam
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2010 年 75 巻 1 号 p. 83-88


Two wild jute species, namely Corchorus trilocularis and C. pseudo-olitorius, were investigated after staining with orcein, CMA and DAPI. In addition, activities of 3 isozymes viz. esterase, acid phosphatase and peroxidase were studied. These 2 spp. were found to possess 2n=14 chromosomes. Satellites were observed only in C. pseudo-olitorius. The staining property of satellites was striking since a pair appeared in orcein, 2 pairs in CMA and none in DAPI-staining. Each species possessed distinct CMA and DAPI banded karyotypes. Moreover, different activities of acid phosphatase, peroxidase and esterase were found in these 2 species. Fluorescent banding and isozyme analysis showed that C. pseudo-olitorius and C. trilocularis are completely different species.

© (2010), The Japan Mendel Society
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