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Cytological Effects of Pesticides XV.
Effect of the insecticide Methamidophos on root-mitosis of Vicia faba
Soheir M. AmerOdette R. Farah
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1985 Volume 50 Issue 3 Pages 521-526


The effect of the insecticide O, S-dimethyl phosphoramidothioate (Methamidophos) has been studied on root-mitosis of Vicia faba. Two types of treatments were conducted: seed-soak-treatment for 24 hours and root-treatment for 4 hours. Different concentrations of the insecticide ranging from 500 ppm to 31.25 ppm have been used in each treatment.
The insecticide showed no significant effect on the mitotic index, meanwhile it induced a highly significant percentage of cells with chromosome aberrations after both seed-soak- and root-treatments. Roots treated with 500 ppm of Methamidophos recovered after replacement in water for 48 hours.
Disturbed meta- and anaphases where the chromosomes spread irregularly over the cell dominated. Other abnormalities e.g. chromosome stickiness, lagging chromosomes and chromosome fragmentation were observed.

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