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Importance of scientific approach on safety structure of experimental research
Yoshito Oshima
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2017 Volume 8 Issue 3 Pages 83-89


In university experimental research, it is a difficult proposition to carry out research safely without losing research creativity and activities because research promotion and its risk are inextricably linked. In light of the fact that the degree of freedom of researchers is a source that leads to new discoveries, it must be accepted as a premise to a certain extent that much of the experimental research necessarily consists of unsteady tasks. In order to discuss the safety of experimental research sites with high degrees of freedom, such as arbitrariness and non-stationarity, it is necessary to analyze the events occurring at experimental research sites more quantitatively, and to logically organize and clarify the complex relationship of complexity in the structure of the laboratory system. In this paper, we introduce a case study on the human behavior, the transportation of things, and the condition in experimental research field, by acquiring data by scientific methods from actual experimental research sites and analyzing it by associating with the characteristics of experimental research. Such analysis enables us to understand objectively and quantitatively the actual conditions of experimental research sites and the characteristics of experimental research which had been limited to a vague understanding so far, and is expected to be utilized as a scientific basis for reasonable safety management and education based on actual circumstances of experimental laboratories.

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