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Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food
Vol. 6 (2013) No. 4 p. 160-164



Research Paper

To reduce the environmental impacts of agricultural production, an existing 10 kW-class internal combustion engine tractor was remodeled as an electric tractor with an AD motor. Remodeling the engine tractor to an electric tractor increased its overall weight. However, it had little damaging effect on the balance of the body. By using electric-only agricultural machinery, the energy consumption needed for traveling and tillage in the field can be reduced by approximately 70 %. Moreover, the electric tractor could operate continuously for one hour over a work area of approximately 1300 m2 on a single charged battery. From the results of the CO2 emissions estimated on the basis of the above result, it reduced by approximately 70 % rather than the engine tractor.

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