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Spatial Analytical Surface Structure Mapping for Three-dimensional Micro-shaped Si by Micro-beam Reflection High-energy Electron Diffraction
Sohei NakatsukaTaishi ImaizumiTadashi AbukawaAzusa N. HattoriHidekazu TanakaKen Hattori
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2021 Volume 19 Pages 13-19


Spatially arranged surfaces on the micro-rod structure, which was three-dimensionally (3D) architected on a Si(110) substrate have been thoroughly investigated by a system with micro-beam reflection high-energy electron diffraction (μ-RHEED) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The combination of μ-RHEED and SEM realized analytical structure investigation of 3D surfaces with the spatial resolution of sub micrometer for the 3D rectangular shaped rod consisting of a (110) top surface (20 μm wide) and {111} vertical side surfaces (10 μm wide). Exhaustive mapping revealed the peculiar reconstructed surface structures: Si(110) “16 × 2” single domain and {35 47 7} facet surfaces locally appeared on the interconnected edge region on the 3D structure in addition to the “16 × 2” and 7 × 7 super structures on flat top (110) and side {111} surfaces, respectively. The formation mechanism for “16 × 2” single-domain structure near the corner edge of the (110) surfaces and {35 47 7} facets on the corner edges between (110) and {111} surfaces were discussed from the viewpoint of the surface stability on the 3D geometrical shaped Si structure.

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