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Evaluation of health status of truck drivers by vital sign monitoring using wearable devices: a cross-sectional pilot study
Mitsuo Uchida Shinobu MatsudaGuglielmo Dini
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2022 年 4 巻 1 号 論文ID: 2021-0017-FS


Objectives: Health problems of truck drivers, including cardiovascular and major blood vessel diseases, have long been reported. This study aimed to collect vital signs of truck drivers while working by using commercial wearable devices and to determine the utility of the devices for occupational health. Methods: Wearable devices were attached and obtained data from 130 truck drivers working at a single company in Gunma Prefecture in 2020 for 3 continuous working days. Systolic blood pressure (SBP), heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR) were monitored during working hours. The duration and proportion of time at which these parameters exceeded preset upper limits were calculated, as were the frequency and proportion of 10% and 20% increases from previous measurement points. Results: The average proportions of time during which SBP, HR, and RR exceeded their preset upper limits were 7.17%, 21.22% and 0.36%, respectively. Also, the average proportions of frequency during which SBP, HR and RR were ≥10% increased above previous measurement points were 5.97%, 12.66% and 11.83%, respectively. These results differed slightly from those obtained during regular health checkups. Health guidance should be provided to truck drivers with excess SBP, HR, and RR who were not identified on regular health checkups. Conclusions: Wearable devices may be useful in promoting the health conditions of truck drivers.

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