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Omics Profiles of Non-GM Tubers from Transgrafted Potato with a GM Scion
Taira MiyaharaTakumi NishiuchiNao FujikawaTaichi OguchiAkira KikuchiKen-ichiro TaokaTakumi OgawaKaruna HondaYube YamaguchiTomofumi MochizukiDaisaku OhtaHiroaki Kodama
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論文ID: D-22-00010


“Transgrafting” is a grafting procedure whereby a transgenic plant body is grafted to a non-transgenic plant body. It is a novel plant breeding technology that allows non-transgenic plants to obtain benefits usually conferred to transgenic plants. Many plants regulate flowering by perceiving the day-length cycle via expression of FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) in the leaves. The resulting FT protein is translocated to the shoot apical meristem via the phloem. In potato plants, FT is involved in the promotion of tuber formation. Here we investigated the effects of a genetically modified (GM) scion on the edible parts of the non-GM rootstock by using potato plants transformed with StSP6A, a novel potato homolog of the FT gene. Scions prepared from GM or control (wild-type) potato plants were grafted to non-GM potato rootstocks; these were designated as TN and NN plants, respectively. After tuber harvest, we observed no significant differences in potato yield between TN and NN plants. Transcriptomic analysis revealed that only one gene—with unknown function—was differentially expressed between TN and NN plants. Subsequent proteomic analysis indicated that several members of protease inhibitor families, known as anti-nutritional factors in potato, were slightly more abundant in TN plants. Metabolomic analysis revealed a slight increase in metabolite abundance in NN plants, but we observed no difference in the accumulation of steroid glycoalkaloids, toxic metabolites found in potato. Finally, we found that TN and NN plants did not differ in nutrient composition. Taken together, these results indicate that FT expression in scions had a limited effect on the metabolism of non-transgenic potato tubers.

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