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Genetic microsturcture in two spanish cat populations. II: gametic disequilibrium and spatial autocorrelation.
Manuel Ruiz-Garcia
ジャーナル フリー

2000 年 75 巻 5 号 p. 281-292


In a previous publication, we described some aspects of the microgenetic structure of two Spanish cat populations (in Barcelona and Alicante). In the present study, the possible existence of gametic disequilibrium and spatial genetic structure for these populations, at the coat colour pattern and length genes O, A, T, D, L, S and W, was analyzed. There was little gametic disequilibrium between pairs of these loci, despite certain pairs that showed significant systematic gametic disequilibrium (a-d and O-S), which appears to show the action of natural selection on domestic cat populations. Nevertheless, we believe that the major cause of the small amount of gametic disequilibrium found was probably a combination of gene drift and gene flow. The results obtained here were clearly in disagreement with those of Hedrick (1985), who concluded that epistatic selection was the cause of the gametic disequilibrium that he found in cat populations. We also found that although Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium could not be demonstrated, the gametic disequilibrium statistics were not affected by this fact, adding credence to the estimates obtained.
We found no genetic spatial structure inside the city of Barcelona, as shown by analysis of the spatial autocorrelation of the individual loci, and analysis of the coordinates of the two first axes of a multidimensional scale. However, some gametic disequilibrium statistics showed certain spatial patterns, which leads us to consider the possibility of several evolutionary processes acting upon some of Barcelona's cat colonies.

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