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Proceedings of Fukuoka International Symposium on Population Genetics
A population genetic study on the transition from Jomon people to Yayoi people
Masaru IizukaTakahiro Nakahashi
ジャーナル フリー

2002 年 77 巻 5 号 p. 287-300


In the study on the origin of Japanese, one of main unsolved problems is the transition from the Jomon people to the Yayoi people. The main difficulty in solving this problem has been the lack of suitable skeletal materials belonging to the time between the two periods, i.e. the final Jomon and the early Yayoi Periods. Therefore, we know few details of the transition period. It is important to know who carried out a drastic change of the Yayoi culture during this transitional period, i.e. the native Jomon people or the immigrant people. By introducing population genetic models, we show that a view that the immigrant people had a significant genetic contribution to the origin of Japanese is compatible with results from anthropological and archeological studies. This result implies that the immigrant people were mainly responsible for the drastic cultural change during the transitional period.

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