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A novel tracking and analysis system for time-lapse cellular imaging of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Kei TaniguchiTakuya KajitaniTakahito AyanoToshiyuki YoshidaMasaya Oki
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2024 年 99 巻 論文ID: 23-00239


The importance of the parent–progeny relationship tracking technique in single-cell analysis has grown with the passage of time. In this study, fundamental image-processing techniques were combined to develop software capable of inferring cell cycle alterations in fission yeast cells, which exhibit equipartition during division. These methods, exclusively relying on bright-field images as input, could track parent–progeny relationships after cell division by assessing the temporal morphological transformation of these cells. In the application of this technique, the software was employed for calculating intracellular fluorescent dots during every stage of the cell cycle, using a yeast strain expressing EGFP-fused Swi6, which binds to chromatin. The results obtained with this software were consistent with those of previous studies. This software facilitated single-cell-level tracking of parent–progeny relationships in cells exhibiting equipartition during division and enabled the monitoring of spatial fluctuations in a cell cycle-dependent protein. This method, expediting the analysis of extensive datasets, may also empower large-scale screening experiments that cannot be conducted manually.

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