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A budding yeast CAGE dataset comprising two cell types
Kei KawakamiShin-ichi MaedaYoshiko TanimotoMitsuhiro ShimizuHiroaki Kato
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2024 年 99 巻 論文ID: 24-00020


The budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an excellent model organism for studying chromatin regulation with high-resolution genome-wide analyses. Since newly generated genome-wide data are often compared with publicly available datasets, expanding our dataset repertoire will be beneficial for the field. Information on transcription start sites (TSSs) determined at base pair resolution is essential for elucidating mechanisms of transcription and related chromatin regulation, yet no datasets that cover two different cell types are available. Here, we present a CAGE (cap analysis of gene expression) dataset for a-cells and α-cells grown in defined and rich media. Cell type-specific genes were differentially expressed as expected, ensuring the reliability of the data. Some of the differentially expressed TSSs were medium-specific or detected due to unrecognized chromosome rearrangement. By comparing the CAGE data with a high-resolution nucleosome map, major TSSs were primarily found in +1 nucleosomes, with a peak approximately 30 bp from the promoter-proximal end of the nucleosome. The dataset is available at DDBJ/GEA.

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