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Oil reservoir water drive and recovery efficiency: Low salinity water flooding
Lumei Liu
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2023 Volume 2 Pages 22-24


Water drive is the most widely used development technology in oilfields in China. However, more and more oilfields have entered the medium and high water cut stage after long-term development, the proportion of low-grade reservoirs with low permeability and low abundance is getting higher and higher, and the difficulty of water drive development is gradually increasing. How improve the effectiveness of water drive and improving the efficiency of water drive development is the key problem to be solved in oilfield water drive development. Cao et al. (DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_99) summarizes the present situation of water drive development technology in China’s oilfields. In recent years, low salinity water flooding has attracted wide attention in oilfield development. Based on the laboratory experiments and field applications of low salinity water flooding, this paper further discusses the mechanism of enhanced oil recovery by low salinity water flooding.

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