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  • Huijuan Sheng
    Article type: Commentary
    2023 Volume 2 Pages 27-28
    Published: February 01, 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: February 01, 2023
    Now cross-border e-commerce has become an important trend in the development of international trade. In recent years, in the export mode of China’s foreign trade, the proportion of products relying on cross-border e-commerce is increasing year by year. During the epidemic of COVID-19, China’s cross-border e-commerce trade volume rose instead of falling and has become an important part of foreign trade. Qingdao has a good geographical advantage, opening up a new world of cross-border e-commerce and aquatic products export trade. However, there are still many problems in the export of aquatic products relying on cross-border e-commerce. Yu (2022, DOI: 10.50908/grb.1.0_71) makes an in-depth analysis of the current situation of Qingdao’s aquatic products export, finds out the bottleneck restricting the development of Qingdao’s cross-border e-commerce, and gives the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
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  • Mei Lu
    Article type: Commentary
    2023 Volume 2 Pages 25-26
    Published: January 26, 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: January 26, 2023
    Wheat is the main source of food in China. Climate change affects the ecosystem of wheat. It is of great significance to determine the extent of its impact on ensuring food security. Fei et al. (2022, DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_120) reviewed the research progress on the impact of climate change on wheat in China from four aspects: (1) the impact of planting boundary and planting area; (2) the impact of planting system and yield; (3) the impact of quality; (4) the impact of agricultural input. This paper makes a further discussion and supplementary explanation of the effect of climate change on wheat.
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  • Lumei Liu
    Article type: Perspective
    2023 Volume 2 Pages 22-24
    Published: January 21, 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: January 21, 2023
    Water drive is the most widely used development technology in oilfields in China. However, more and more oilfields have entered the medium and high water cut stage after long-term development, the proportion of low-grade reservoirs with low permeability and low abundance is getting higher and higher, and the difficulty of water drive development is gradually increasing. How improve the effectiveness of water drive and improving the efficiency of water drive development is the key problem to be solved in oilfield water drive development. Cao et al. (DOI: 10.50908/arr.2.4_99) summarizes the present situation of water drive development technology in China’s oilfields. In recent years, low salinity water flooding has attracted wide attention in oilfield development. Based on the laboratory experiments and field applications of low salinity water flooding, this paper further discusses the mechanism of enhanced oil recovery by low salinity water flooding.
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  • Xiaozheng Liu
    Article type: Bulletin Paper
    2023 Volume 2 Pages 2-21
    Published: January 09, 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: January 09, 2023
    The tourism industry has an obvious promoting effect on national economic growth, and it is a modern economic form to promote economic and social development. Since Japan implemented the policy of establishing a country through tourism in 2003, the tourism industry has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements. Based on the push-pull theory, this paper analyzes the reasons for the development of the Japanese tourism industry from two aspects of push and pull. In the push factors, this paper analyzes the relationship between per capita GDP and tourism consumption and then based on the latest Japanese official market survey data, through the analysis of specialization coefficient to clarify the specific push factors and trends of all age groups in Japan. The push factors, it is analyzed from the four aspects of “government behavior”, “non-governmental organizations”, “tourism resources” and “tourism environment” to reveal the concept and path of expanding the space of tourism development in Japan.
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  • The Editorial Committee of Geographical Research Bulletin
    Article type: Preface
    2023 Volume 2 Pages 1
    Published: January 01, 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: January 01, 2023
    Geographical Research Bulletin was founded in June 2022, and this year ushered in the second publication year of Geographic Research Bulletin. In the past year, Geographical Research Bulletin published a total of 25 articles, which have been included by many retrieval systems. In addition, in July 2022, Geographical Research Bulletin and Advances in Resources Research were listed as recommended journals by the JST preprint server. Geographical Research Bulletin welcomes contributions from all over the world and looks forward to promoting the continuous development of geography research through the joint efforts of academia. Geographical Research Bulletin wishes all authors and readers fruitful results in 2023.
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