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Pleistocene Molluscs from the Underground of Rokko Island, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Southwest Japan

1998 Volume 9 Pages 79-86


A total of eleven molluscan species, including of 2 gastropods, 1 scaphopod and 8 bivalves, are obtained from the Upper Pleistocene deposits(Mal2) bored at Rokko Island, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Of these, only Turritella (Kurosioia) kurosio Ida is an extinct species known from the Middle to Upper Pleistocene deposits in Southwest Japan. They are named the Turritella (Kurosioia) kurosio Assemblage on the basis of the dominant species. The mode of occurrences and co-occurring relationship of the living species suggest that this assemblage is the para-autochthonous. Taking into accounts of the ecological data of living species, the depositional environment of the Upper Pleistocene deposits bored at Rokko Island is estimated to be a warm, sublittoraK 5-20m in depth), embaymental environment.

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