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A Review of Japanese Greenhouse Cucumber Research from the Perspective of Yield Components
Kazuya MaedaDong-Hyuk Ahn
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Article ID: UTD-R017


Japanese cucumbers are unique in terms of their production methods, such as steamed cultivation in which the greenhouse is closed to increase the temperature and humidity. Moreover, Japan has strict standards for fruit size. Therefore, most research on greenhouse cucumbers in Japan has focused on pests, diseases and fruit quality, and few studies have focused on increasing yields. Therefore, we aimed to contribute to a yield improvement in Japanese greenhouse cucumber production by considering environmental factors and training methods based on the yield components. Here, we discuss different training systems, pinching and lowering methods, and the effects of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, irrigation, and nutrition on yield and yield components. Moreover, this paper also proposes future areas of research for Japanese greenhouse cucumbers.

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