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On the works of Jingjue Renyue
Hee-tae Kim
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2007 Volume 55 Issue 2 Pages 995-992,1286


It is said that studies on Tiantai once again became popular especially after Zhanran (711-782), and that the Song dynasty period saw an intense debate between the Shanjia denomination of Siming Zhili (960-1028) and the Shanwai sect which accepted the influence of Huayan thought. When Jingjue Renyue (992-1064) was under Zhili's sect, he did his best for Zhili by opposing the view of Qingzhao on the issue of Guanglüe in the Jinguangming jing by writing the Wenyishu, against the issue of ‘Liduxinge’ by writing the Shiyishu, against the view of Jiguang Wuxiang by writing the Juemoshu, and against Jizhai who denied Bielisuiyuan by writing Shimenzhenanshu. However, as Renyue doubted on Zhili's interpretation of the body of the Buddha, and as he strongly opposed Zhili's view of Tiantai Buddhology, he finally left the denomination. Renyue is classified as Zazhuanpai in the Fozu tongji, as he spoke against Zhili.
In this way, after Renyue left Zhili's denomination, ideological transformation in the life of Renyue forced him to concentrate on the studies of Chan tradition, thus he wrote many works, including 20 fascicles in 6 setion on the Shoulenyan jing. We find many of Renyue's works in the Taisho Tripitaka, Zoku-Zo-kyo, Yitianlu and Bussho kaisetsu Daijiten, etc. In this paper, we took up his 25 works mentioned in Yitianlu for our investigation, and we also used the ‘Biographical Story of Renyue’ and the contents from Fozu tongji basing on the Taisho Tripitaka, Zoku-Zo-kyo, Yitianlu and Bussho kaisetsu Daijiten. As those works listed in the Yitianlu form only one part of his entire works, we tried to make a list of his entire works, using the contents of Zoku-Zo-kyo. The Yitianlu was a list of works on sutras, vinaya and abhidharma made by Yitian (1055-1101) of Koryo, which he compiled by collecting for 25 years from the Song dynasty, Liao through Koryo, it was completed in 1090. We discussed Renyue's works of 51 fascicles in 25 sections have been recorded among the 1437 works and authors listed in Yitianlu.

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