Proceedings of the International Conference on Press-in Engineering
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First International Conference

Session E: Project report
Case Studies: Use of the Gyropress Method in Tubular Pile Earth Retaining Walls for Foundation Works in Urban Area
会議録・要旨集 フリー

p. 475-480


Earth retaining walls for foundation works in urban area are often constructed under conditions where there are buildings and underground structures in the neighbouring areas. These items will become the key factors in a selection of proper construction method. Due to these backgrounds, cases have lately been seen where the earth retaining walls constructed of steel tubular piles installed by the Gyropress Method are adopted in urban area. The method can penetrate not only stiff grounds, but also underground obstructions. It is possible to largely reduce construction period, since the earth retaining walls can be constructed only by press-in operation without removing underground obstructions in advance. In addition, it is possible to construct walls even in narrow sites where enough working space cannot be secured, since the press-in operation is conducted with self-walking on top of the already installed piles. The constructions can be implemented with low vibration and low noise, keeping the effect on the surrounding environment to a minimum. In this paper, with such advantages of the Gyropress Method as described above, introduced are the cases where steel tubular earth retaining walls for foundation works constructed by the Gyropress Method are adopted in urban area.

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