Proceedings of the International Conference on Press-in Engineering
Online ISSN : 2436-1720
First International Conference

Session A: Pile performance
Innovative Design and Technology Solutions for Development of Port and Offshore Pressed-in Piled Structures
会議録・要旨集 フリー

p. 91-98


Deep water piled clusters and structures supported by large mono-piles are designed to take up significant lateral and pressing loads. In particular, it relates to offshore structures whose foundations need long piled supports of high bearing capacity. Correspondingly one meets high level of stresses and significant deformations in such constructions. It is especially important for port or offshore engineering to avoid environmental problems caused by traditional pile driving technologies. From this point of view, the Press-in Method is the most appropriate approach. Two improved structures and technologies have been worked out to optimize stress-strain state of such piled clusters and mooring/fender dolphins. (1) Developed is an effective and less resource-demanding design when connection of all pipe piles with large diameter steel casing provides their joint work and favorable distribution of stresses and deformations in pile clusters. It is foreseen that both casing and pipes are installed by pressing into bottom soil. (2) To increase energy-absorbing capacity of mooring/fender dolphins, a new design of combined tubular mono-pile structure was worked out and researched. It incorporates internal flexible pile and damping element (cushion) placed between external and internal piles’ heads. For both innovative and patented solutions, laboratory tests and numerical modeling were fulfilled and compared.

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