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IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications
Vol. 129 (2009) No. 1 P 29-35




This paper proposes a new voltage controller of self excited induction generator. The nature of self excitation in an induction generator makes its output voltage very dependent on the amount of reactive power at generator terminals. The proposed scheme utilizes a continuously controlled shunt capacitor, which is called SVC magnetic energy recovery switch (SVC MERS), in order to realize voltage regulation of the system. The proposed system consists of a bi-directional current switch, dc capacitor and inductor as a filter. Two types of experiment were conducted to perform voltage control in load varying conditions at constant and variable speed. Experimental results performed that this system has the following advantages: i) simple control, where only two voltage sensors are required and voltage feedback control with PI controller gives a good response, ii) low switching frequency with zero current turn on and zero voltage turn off and resulting low switching losses. The proposed system is proved to have good performance when being applied as a voltage regulation to induction generator.

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