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Vol. 133 (2013) No. 3 P 262-271




A method for estimating the sway angle using an observer has already been proposed. The state observer estimates the sway angle accurately, and has to use the detected sway angle value. However, the estimated sway angle has an error owing to rope length error, friction force, and wind. Moreover, the container mass cannot be determined, therefore, the observer parameter is not suitable. We already proposed robust anti-sway control for overcoming rope length error without adding a new sensor. Further, we designed a friction disturbance observer to cancel out the influence of friction force. In this paper, we first propose a container mass estimation method when crane system performs rolling up control. The observer parameter can be selected by an estimated mass value. Second, in crane parallel shift control, we propose a robust anti-sway control even with wind disturbance. We design a wind disturbance observer and propose a wind disturbance estimator to separate the friction observer output from the wind disturbance observer output. We confirm via experiments that the proposed method can suppress vibration.

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