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Fundamental Characteristics of a Brushless and Self-Excited Sinusoidal-Wave Single-Phase Synchronous Generator Having a Two-Phase Field Winding Excited by a Half-Wave Rectified Current
Fukuo ShibataNobuyuki Naoe
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1990 Volume 110 Issue 9 Pages 1005-1011


It is desired from viewpoints of maintenances and constructions to make single-phase synchronous generators brushless and self-excited type.
A novel brushless and self-excited single-phase synchronous generator was devised by one of the authors. The stator exciting current is made to flow simultaneously with the load current in the armature winding. Thus, the iron core for the magnetic circuit can be both as one for the synchronous generator itself and as one for the exciter.
Experimental studies of the brushless and self-excited single-phase synchronous generator of which the rotor winding is used both as a rotor exciting winding and a field winding are described in this paper.
In the proposed generator, the rotor is provided with a balanced two-phase field winding, in order to improve the voltage wave distortion. The terminal voltage of this generator can be kept constant, in spite of the load variation.
Therefore, the proposed synchronous generator can be expected to be used widely.

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