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Magnetic Frequency Tripler Using Amorphous Cores
Hirokazu Suzuki
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1993 Volume 113 Issue 3 Pages 373-380


Magnetic frequecy tripler has a configuration with star-connected primary windings and open-delta-connected secondary windings of three saturable reactors. This paper describes a tripler comprised of saturable reactor using an iron amorphous magnetic material for higher efficiency. In a machine of this type, the iron loss is not always constant, in that the cores are operated in the saturation region, but it is subject to change according to the load. Conventionally, this loss is estimated via a method where the steady state periodic solution of the circuit has obtained, this, solution is substituted into a empirical loss calculation formula, and thus the loss is determined. This method has been used often as it is relatively easy to apply. However it is difficult to examine directly the effects of the loss on efficiency of the device with such a method.
In ths paper in order to ascertain the efficiency and other characteristics of the tripler in more detail, a nonlinear differential equation of the circuit was induced on the basis of the winding resistance and exciting conductance of the saturable reactors.
The harmonic balance method was applied to ths equation, in order to obtain the characteristics of the device, while verification was made with a proto type. As a result, it was shown that an efficiency of 96% could be realized with the proto type. The relationship between load and loss was also revealed.
The information contaned in this paper will offer useful data for the operation and design of a magnetic frequency tripler using amorphous cores.

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