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Vol. 137 (2017) No. 4 P 297-305




This paper examines the influence of aggregated power output fluctuation of photovoltaic power generation system (PVS) on the power system frequency, focusing on ramp-events of aggregated PVS power output. A numerical simulation model of economic load dispatching control (EDC) and load- frequency control (LFC) is used together with a PVS power output forecasting model and a unit commitment (UC) scheduling model developed in our preceding study. As a result, in the case of ramp event with long duration and high ramp rate, the frequency violation occurs when the power output of controllable generators with high load following capability reaches to upper/lower limit even if the power output of low load following capability generators is still available. If the load dispatching scheme is tentatively changed from the conventional EDC using an equal incremental fuel cost rule to, for example, a dispatching policy based on the capacity without the consideration of fuel cost, the aggregated load-following capability can be kept, avoiding the frequency violation.

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