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International Journal of Affective Engineering
Vol. 12 (2013) No. 2 Special Issue on KEER 2012 p. 275-283



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With increasing global competition, connections among local culture, global market and innovative products in design strategy have become increasingly close. In the global market - local design era, innovative products are not merely desirable for a company but also mandatory for design strategy. To be successful, innovative products must have a clear and significant difference that is related to market need. Furthermore, local features in consumer perception regarding innovation are also important in product design. The main purpose of this paper is to study factors affecting designers' and consumers' perceptions in innovation; these factors are discussed in order to understand differences between designers' and consumers' perceptions of product innovation. Therefore, this paper proposed an approach using MDS analysis to explore the relationship between local features and global market in design strategy. Through the approach, we have been able to merge local culture, innovative design, and global market into design strategy. Based on the MDPREF solution, the main factors affecting subjects' preference evaluation could be identified as: Localization dimension, Glocalzilation and Globalization.

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