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The Impression of Deliciousness through Food Photography
- A Photographer’s Approach to Test the Commonly Manipulated Factors and the Interactions on the Food Image Creation Process -
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In food photography, factors like the camera angle, background, lighting, light color, and decorative elements are commonly manipulated to motivate consumption through the impression of deliciousness. Studies have demonstrated these factors’ relevance on several subjects related to food perception. Nevertheless, the effect that these factors might have on the impression of deliciousness remains unclear. Therefore, to comprehend visual deliciousness perception, this study tested food images where each factor was manipulated independently and tested the interactions between the factors. The results concluded that although the light color, number of decorative elements, and the type of decorative elements individually affected the impression of deliciousness, the interaction between these three factors did not have any effect. However, interactions between the light color and type of decorative elements; and the number and type of elements affected the impression of deliciousness, evidencing that the manipulation of such factors partially modulates the impression of deliciousness.

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