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A Study on the Development of Performance Model for International Education Cooperative Projects based on Online Learning Community
Lee Ji-YonKim YoungHwan
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2007 年 1 巻 1 号 p. 16-26


Educational cooperative activities between countries for human capacity building are expanding in accordance with the international stream of modern globalization and information. A variety of models on exchange activities are also appearing based on this stream. These trends made many changes in the field of traditional education through online-based activities which anyone can access to beyond spatiotemporal barriers. This study aimed at developing the performance model to support the activities of members who carry out cooperative projects under online learning community, applying it to actual performance case, analyzing the results, and deriving improvements. The developed performance model consists of three components. The first component is the core principle for management and implementation of the performance model. The second one is the process of performance model and activities of each step, and the third one is online workrooms (websites) to support the performances. Moreover, members of the community applied core progressive strategies to accomplish projects and a few suggestions were raised so as to make aggressive and dynamic activities of online learning community. Based on the ‘Online Learning Community’, the members who carry out international educational cooperative projects acquired meaningful knowledge not by one-way giving from others but by forming recursive process, where the members with various cultures and backgrounds could be an instructor at one time or a learner at the other time, so they experienced social learning process acquiring knowledge cooperatively.

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