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Simulation Analysis of Cylinder Impact Performance Influenced by Shaft Sleeve Structure
Cong LiuPei XiaoXingli LiGangyan Li
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2018 Volume 11 Issue 1 Pages 30-38


To study the cylinder motion characteristics, cylinder and shaft sleeve stress characteristics of cylinder stroke and return process influenced by different shaft sleeve structure, the cylinders with non-chamfering shaft sleeve, C0.3 chamfering shaft sleeve and R0.3 round corner shaft sleeve were used for simulation of cylinder stroke and return process. The results show that the piston velocity curves of three kinds of shaft sleeve are identical. Maximum stress of different shaft sleeves fluctuates and maximum stress elements of C0.3 and R0.3 shaft sleeve are similar. When cylinder strokes, maximum stress of cylinder occurs at the end of piston rod connected to the load; the stress of C0.3 shaft sleeve is the lowest. When cylinder returns, maximum stress of cylinder occurs at the shaft sleeve; the stress of C0.3 and R0.3 shaft sleeve differ little and are both lower than that of non-chamfering shaft sleeve. It provides a reference for structure optimization and service life improvement of the cylinder shaft sleeve.

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