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An On-The-Fly Algorithm for Conditional Weighted Pushdown Systems
Hua Vy Le ThanhXin Li
ジャーナル フリー

2014 年 9 巻 4 号 p. 475-481


Pushdown systems (PDSs) are well-understood as abstract models of recursive sequential programs, and weighted pushdown systems (WPDSs) are a general framework for solving certain meet-over-all-path problems in program analysis. Conditional WPDSs (CWPDSs) further extend WPDSs to enhance the expressiveness of WPDSs, in which each transition is guarded by a regular language over the stack that specifies conditions under which a transition rule can be applied. CWPDSs or its instance are shown to have wide applications in analysis of objected-oriented programs, access rights analysis, etc. Model checking CWPDSs was shown to be reduced to model checking WPDSs, and an offline algorithm was given that translates CWPSs to WPDSs by synchronizing the underlying PDS and finite state automata accepting regular conditions. The translation, however, can cause an exponential blow-up of the system. This paper presents an on-the-fly model checking algorithm for CWPDSs that synchronizes the computing machineries on-demand while computing post-images of regular configurations. We developed an on-the-fly model checker for CWPDSs and apply it to models generated from the reachability analysis of the HTML5 parser specification. Our preliminary experiments show that, the on-the-fly algorithm drastically outperforms the offline algorithm regarding both practical space and time efficiency.

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