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Journal of Information Processing
Vol. 21 (2013) No. 2 pp. 349-357



Fast computation of multiple reflections and scattering among complex objects is very important in photorealistic rendering. This paper applies the plane-parallel scattering theory to the rendering of densely distributed objects such as trees. We propose a simplified plane-parallel scattering model that has very simple analytic solutions, allowing efficient evaluation of multiple scattering. A geometric compensation method is also introduced to cope with the infinite plane condition, required by the plane-parallel model. The scattering model was successfully applied to tree rendering. Comparison with a Monte Carlo method was made and reasonable agreement was confirmed. A rendering system based on the model was implemented and multiple inter-reflections were effectively obtained. The view-independent feature of the model allows fast display of scenes. The pre-computation is also modest, permitting interactive control of lighting conditions.

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