International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development
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Vernacular Pattern of House Development for Home based Enterprises in Malang, Indonesia
Pindo TutukoZhenjiang Shen
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2014 Volume 2 Issue 3 Pages 63-77


In the process of building and maintaining houses, residents as individuals and social human beings depend on their respective interests for improving their dwellings. The strength of tradition supports the element of stability from one generation to another. It indicates that there are groups of people whose traditions will generally be passed on to the next generation. Tradition is still maintained when utilizing the home as a Home-based Enterprise (HBE). HBE developments are based on a family’s economic growth rate and also consider their household needs. In homogeneous houses, it appears that there is vernacular activity in building or repairing homes. As an example, in the case of HBEs, housing activities are maintained during the process of urban growth. Houses need to be expanded according to the needs of households and business activities within a limited urban area. In this research the pattern ofhouse development based on vernacular HBEs, encompassing both living activities and business activities, has been investigated.

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