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Vernacular Architecture of Buginese:
The Concept of Local-Wisdom in Constructing Buildings Based on Human Anatomy
Naidah Naing Karim Hadi
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2020 Volume 8 Issue 3 Pages 1-15


Purpose: Several studies have been conducted on the concept of Bugis community house construction to understand its macro- and micro-cosmology. This study was, however, conducted to complement the multi-perception research on the relationship between architecture and local wisdom by disclosing the formation of residential space plans. This involved the use of the Bugis house as the subject and the application of the horizontal and vertical philosophies’ perspectives based on the anatomical dimensions of a lying human body as its traditional architectural uniqueness. Research Design & Methodology: The study was conducted qualitatively in Talungeng Village, Bone Regency, Indonesia, for a period of one year, 2018–2019, using the case study approach, phenomenology, and ethnography model. Data were collected through several eligible informants and analyzed using the Discovering Cultural Themes method by associating studies with architecture. Results & Findings: This study showed the horizontal spatial organization and relations in the Bugis house plan derive from the philosophy and function of human body parts in a lying position, which is believed to be a means to provide protection and comfort for residents, while the vertical aspect involves the use of the house frame as the central pillar in proportion to the whole structure. The adoption of the human body as the framework is usually to provide mutual support for the building structure and to ensure it has enough strength to mitigate against earthquakes, floods, and strong winds.

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