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Community Participation Pattern in Communal Village Land Utilization
Zaflis Zaim Iwan RudiartoImam BuchoriAde Wahyudi
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2020 Volume 8 Issue 3 Pages 54-67


Customary land tenure associated with land administration systems have begun to receive attention through research. A recent study discusses the practice of land release to gain insight into the forces that underpin transformation of customary land rights. However, few studies address the ability to negotiate and adapt to customary land tenure. This study fills this gap, especially the utilisation of Bengkok land as village-owned land and explores the knowledge that drives changes in customary land management rights in Indrokilo sub-village. Data were collected through surveys and interviews addressed to respondents as Bengkok land users and key actors. The results of the study indicate that the change in Bengkok Bayan’s land management rights to collective rights of farmer groups has been affected by four conditions, namely: the vacancy of the village official (Bayan), the village land leasing system, sanitation programme socialisation, and resident participation. The aspirations of the farmer groups are accommodated by the village government in the form of a village head's decree and the terms of land rent compensation. Adaptation of farmers, farmer groups and village government is manifested in the form of land use arrangements as Kandang kawasan (cattle pen), separation of cattle pens and houses, as well as Bengkok land rental systems. Changing the Bengkok land management rights for communal interests requires legal strengthening through regional regulations in order to recognise the existence of farmer groups, promote justice, and reduce poverty for the sustainability of suburban area development.

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