Proceedings of the International Symposium on Flexible Automation
Online ISSN : 2434-446X
2018 International Symposium on Flexible Automation

Development of CAM software for 4.5-axis in turning center (Application of multi-layered C-space)
SUGISAWA YasutomoNAOKI AsakawaKEIGO Takasugi
キーワード: Turning center, CAM, Milling
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p. 39-42


A 4-axis turning center realizes cuttings from axial and radial direction for side milling,face turning and so on by changing cutting tools on its turret.In a sense, tool posture can be controlled by tool change on the machine tool.However, high degrees of freedom of its tool posture is not fully reflected to complexity of its machinable shape since the operation of tool posture including tool change cannot be seamlessly treated in conventional CAM system[1].In the study, a CAM system whitch realizes complex shape applying different direction of tools seamlessly as a means of control of tool posture, called "4.5-axis CAM" for turning center, is proposed. In the report, concept of the CAM system and example of tool paths actually generated by the system are shown.

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