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Effect of Iron Oxide Dissolution on Thermochemical Property of Solid Solution between Ca2SiO4 and Ca3P2O8 at 1573 K
Keijiro SaitoYoshiyuki MakinoMasakatsu Hasegawa
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2024 Volume 64 Issue 6 Pages 935-943


The key to a better understanding of phosphorus removal from hot metal is to know the thermochemical properties of solid solution between Ca2SiO4 and Ca3P2O8. Although the solid solutions would inevitably incorporate iron oxide in steelmaking slags, there is a still lack of knowledge about the solid solutions containing iron oxide. The present study focused on the effect of FeO dissolution on the activities of components in the Ca2SiO4–Ca3P2O8 solid solution. The P2O5 activities were measured in the solid solution containing FeO at 1573 K. Subsequently, the activities of Ca2SiO4, Ca3P2O8, and Fe2SiO4 were derived from the Gibbs-Duhem equation with the measured P2O5 activities and reported FeO activities. When iron oxide dissolved into the Ca2SiO4–Ca3P2O8 solid solution, the Ca3P2O8 activity decreased, while the Ca2SiO4 activity was insensitive. As a result, the dissolution of iron oxide into the solid solution caused a drastic decrease in the P2O5 activity.

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