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Air Flow in a Push-Pull Type Booth Equipped with Two Blowing Openings
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2011 Volume 87 Issue 3 Pages 89-98


The inside of a push-pull type booth using only an exhaust fan to generate horizontal air flow is the same as the inside of a booth type hood functioning as a local exhaust system. A worker dealing with a contaminant in the booth suffers an air current from his back, and the worker is exposed to the contaminated air by generating a wake around his breathing zone. We investigated the effectiveness of a push-pull type booth, in supplying air to a worker and a worktable. In this paper, the push-pull type booth was equipped with two blowing openings on the ceiling in the booth. One opening was for the worker’s breath, and the other auxiliary opening was for eliminating the contaminated air. Booth types of hood can be assumed to be a push-pull type booth without supplying air from the openings. We examined both flows in the push-pull type booth and the booth type hood by visualization experiments and numerical simulation. The results showed that the push-pull type booth was effective for adequately supplying air to the worker.

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