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Field Reports
    2019 Volume 95 Issue 4 Pages 117-126
    Published: 2019
    Released: August 10, 2020

    Based on the “Healthy Work Organization (HWO)” conceptual model, we conducted a qualitative study using a semi-structured interview subjecting 14 unit-leaders of professional caregivers in elderly care facilities to reveal the actual condition of factors involved in their turnover. Three categories, that consist of 23 sub-categories identified from 62 codes, emerged regarding factors of resignation among professional care givers. One of the categories, namely “specificity of care services,” was fit to the “work and workplace characteristics” within the HWO conceptual model, and the remaining two categories, namely “not established labor and personnel management system” and “undeveloped organizational policy and structure,” were fit to the “organizational characteristics” in the model. The findings suggested that countermeasures toward the turnover of professional caregivers are required for both the work and the workplace characteristics and the organizational characteristics influencing the former characteristics.

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