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Design and Implementation of a Prototype Cloud Video Surveillance System
Yong-Hua XiongShao-Yun WanYong HeDan Su
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2014 年 18 巻 1 号 p. 40-47


Cloud-based video surveillance systems, as a new cloud computing service model, are an emerging research topic, both at home and abroad. Current research is mainly focused on exploring applications of the system. This paper proposes a design and implementation method for cloud-based video surveillance systems using the characteristics of cloud computing, such as parallel computing, large storage space, and easy expandability. The system architecture and function modules are built, and a prototype cloud-based video surveillance system is established in a campus network using key technologies, including virtual machine task access control, video-data distributed storage, and database-active communication methods. Using the system, the user is able to place a webcam in a location that requires monitoring so that video surveillance can be achieved, and video data can be viewed through a browser. The system has the following advantages: low investment and maintenance cost, high portability, easily extendable, superior data security, and excellent sharing. As a private cloud server in the campus network, the system is able to not only provide convenient video surveillance services, but it can also be an excellent practical experimental platform for cloud computing-related research, which carries outstanding application value.



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