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Atmosphere Understanding for Humans Robots Interaction Based on SVR and Fuzzy Set
Kazuhiro OhnishiFangyan DongKaoru Hirota
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2014 年 18 巻 1 号 p. 62-70


A method for understanding the atmosphere is proposed for humans-robots interactions in a multi-agent society, where the individual assessment of the atmosphere is estimated using a Support Vector Regression (SVR) method that represents the emotions of all agents and the atmosphere of the entire society is represented as a fuzzy set in a Fuzzy Atmosfield. This method provides the necessary information that allows each agent (human/robot) in the society to understand the differences between the objective characteristics of the atmosphere and the agent’s individual assessment of the subjective atmosphere and to make appropriate behavioral decisions thereafter. In the experiments, 13 scenarios are tested by four humans. The characteristics of the atmosphere are calculated by applying the proposed method to the emotion data from the four humans. The results are compared with the subjective atmosphere information from the four humans and it is found that the average accuracy reaches 90%. This proposal is planned in order to realize customized services for the humans-robots interactions in a “Multi-Agent Fuzzy Atmosfield,” which is the subject of the authors’ group’s ongoing research project.



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